Since 2012, a point in my life that started a new journey

I am father to a proud darling son and husband to a devoted super woman. 

I love cooking, interior design, making people laugh. I was a really champ at basket ball and performing arts during my youth. I’m grateful to God for giving me many talents and to all my well wishers who make life so much more.

Like everything good in life I have taken a lot of things for granted. Engrossed in my future investments,  family, friends, the barometers of society’s success yardstick.

I was a software professional for over 26 yrs, and was fortunate to be an ACE at setting up performing software units in many countries.  I started with virtually nothing and had no ‘Godfather’ looking over.  My wife and child was my biggest support.

With all that ambition, I did fail to invest in myself. Which came as a wake up call to a sudden change in health. I wasn’t terribly overweight but I was starting to gain an inch on my waist every 2 weeks, I was approaching 8 inches more than a few years back. There was also a sudden change in my ability to do certain normal things, like sitting down for more than 15 mins without having shooting pains every time.
Yes, off to the docs, tests and the like. Results were not life threatening but certainly revealed that I was on slipper y downward slide.
I just couldn’t buy the story that I had to take a series of drugs, when my family had a history of centurions. It was a take it or leave it response.
With confusion and anxiety, I sought the the real underlying truth of how I got myself into this situation. There was also the next step, How do I get out of it !
My discoveries were through deep study and self trials.

I helped people as a hobby in the past but with the pandemic, everyone’s vitality is key to our future. This is something that brings a lot of passion to what I do, more than ever before

Just like many of you, so many ways you hear out here. Those bits and pieces that you try can only lead to disappointment. I was a victim too! What i did thought it was healthy but it turned out I was actually doing the opposite. I hope you don’t have to go through what I had to.

That’s all in the past, now, I have a much more Dynamic life with a the fastest safest & natural system that I FOLLOW EVERYDAY. 

You might be an artist who would like to introduce yourself and your work here or maybe you’re a business with a mission to describe.

Your Vital Energy can change the world

With health, you can perform

With Vitality you can achieve

With DYNAMIC VITALITY you can be a CHAMPION on DEMAND. This leads to a success mindset and actions that are fulfilling and INSPRING to all around you. 

You can also be a part of this unique group of individuals, who started exactly where I was and are now making a difference to themselves and everyone that they meet.

My 10 year mission is to move millions of people into a life of DYNAMIC VITALITY. It has already become bigger than my own dreams, people that help people that help other people who help people!